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Puerto Rico back on track again after Hurricane Maria

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Date: 11/27/2017
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Hurricane Maria made landfall just south of Yabucoa Harbor in Puerto Rico on Wednesday, September 20 at 6:15 a.m. The National Weather Service observed maximum sustained winds of 155 miles per hour, making Maria the first Category 4 cyclone to hit the island since 1932. The storm was almost Category 5, defined as any tropical storm with winds 157 miles per hour or higher.

Maria is the first Category 4 hurricane to directly impact Puerto Rico in 85 years. Nearly the entire population of Puerto Rico - more than 3 million American citizens - was left without electricity for more than a week. It could take four to six months until power is restored, officials there said.

More than two months later, the Puerto Rican Softball gets up and starts to walk again. Next Tuesday will be held a meeting between the leaders of the Federation and the representatives of the teams, to resume the activity in the local leagues.

“The Puerto Ricans need the sport to clear their minds from the entire situation left by the hurricane in their homes, families and communities. Softball encourages spending time with the families, that’s why every game is for free. We want Softball season to bring the much needed relief for Puerto Rico”, said Tommy Velazquez, leader of the Puerto Rican Federation and also Chairman of the WBSC Softball Division.

“We’re making huge efforts to keep Softball alive in the different towns, so we hope to get the support of the media and sport fans”, added Velazquez.

Two main topics will be addressed during the aforementioned meeting. The cancelled Women’s Softball league final between Juncos and Maunabo, which couldn’t be played because of Maria; and the start of the 2017 season of the Men’s Softball, scheduled for the last week of September and also cancelled.

During the meeting will be decided the opening day of the Men's season, someday between December 10 and 17. Right now, there are six confirmed teams, hoping to add two more in the next weeks.

Two months and a week after the Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico Softball Federation is working to launch a new innovative season, adjusting to the difficult situation the country is still living.