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Disciplinary Commission

The Disciplinary Commission will regulate, monitor and channel the sanctions that could be considered for: Federations, associations, leagues, clubs, athletes, or technical staff; which violates the ethical code of the Confederation. Therefore, must enforce the rules.

The Disciplinary Commission:

1. Is the body in charge of exercise and apply the appropriate disciplinary authority.

2. The positions of the members of the Disciplinary Commission are non-delegable, and under any circumstances may be subrogated.

3. It will be composed by a President, a Secretary and at least five members; decisions must be made by at least three members.

4. The Disciplinary Commission is based on the spirit of the ethics code, mission and values ​​of the Pan American Softball Confederation, CONPASA.

5. Authorities of the Disciplinary Commission shall adopt decisions to channel the compliance of the Regulations of CONPASA.

6. The disciplinary competence for the suspension and expulsion of members will be reserved to the Assembly and the Executive Committee.

Coordinators: Amilcar Estrada and Alfredo Perez