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Our Presidents

On its 35 years of history, CONPASA has had only four Presidents: Ismael Villafañe, Clovis Lodewijks, Jesús Suniaga and Tommy Velázquez.

Villafañe was the first President of CONPASA. Born in Puerto Rico, he headed the organization from its beginning in 1979 through 1981, when he was replaced by Clovis Lodewijks.

The leader from the Netherlands Antilles has been the longest-serving president in the history of CONPASA, remaining in the position for 25 years, since 1981 until 2006, when he had to leave the position due to illness. This situation forced the then Vice President to take in charge of the presidency.

This is how Suniaga arrived to the maximum position in American Softball, becoming the third President of our institution. The Venezuelan was confirmed as President in the Assembly of 2008, and reelected in 2012, holding this honor until December 27, 2014, the day of his unfortunate decease.

Actually, the CONPASA presidency is occupied by Tommy Velázquez, from Puerto Rico, who became the fourth chairman of CONPASA, replacing Suniaga because of his position as the Vice President.